Trading and Reading as part of our path – Lesson 7

Continuous training in currency trading and often, is almost mandatory. This formation must be performed because the market every day mutates faster. The market is based in pure efficiency and we are the traders who are looking for the tickles to go taking pips day by day. There are various currency publications, where are published the news of the sector and curiosities.

Traiding and reading is a big part of your trading path, most of the currency publications are free so you have to be subscribed to a selection of them to be able to see where the alleged grail is that we will be a bit above the rest of the market.

This aspect in terms of financial news magazines but the other more important comes from reading books about this field. The most logical recommendation is to read a book from each area of ​​the trading but more. It depends a lot on the ability and taste for reading but there are books that are strictly necessary for our operations.

We should start pro books with general considerations about the market as may be J. Murphy, the father of technical analysis to follow with other books interesting as “Lions against Gazelles” by Jose Luis Cárpatos.
Anyway, each person will already find books for the area they are trying to improve or change. It is highly recommended to read books about:

· Technical Analysis
· Fundamental Analysis
· Theory of Dow
· Elliot theory
· Japanese candles
· Price action
· Harmonic Trading
· Carry trade
· Monetary management
· Psychology of trading
· Personal visions of renowned traders

Within each point there are many books and many authors of what we will not enter debate which is better or worse. What if I can say that it is a must read for 30 draw a frame of the last 100 years and your finances is “The fabulous world of stocks and money “by Andre Kostolany, this being the best speculator of the last 100 years.

Another book that is recommended for all that Trader which is beginning is “Trading in the Zone”. The book explains how to be in that situation in which the market is no longer a dangerous and violent entity but a partner from which you never have to take off.

This reading of various kinds can be accompanied by some of the courses that are available in the country or even outside of it but with the possibility to perform from here. There are some certifications that can enhance our operations in addition to giving us wings to opt for other market work. The most important certifications can be the CFA, Series 7 and 34, MTA and an EFA for example but with a level much lower than the cited previously.

Any of these options it goes out of normality, but it is always necessary to take a step forward and force the change or even force a necessary improvement in the operation of each.

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Forex managed accountsTrading and Reading as part of our path – Lesson 7

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