The title concept sounds like getting clues about a computer game, and it really is like that, but not for a computer game. For every serious Forex trader accepting risks not acceptable to many investors, they need as much information as possible and evaluate the risks of that investment. That information is what we call “Live forex signals”. On that previous post we also talked about Free forex trading signals and the best strategies to trade forex

Where to find the information with those signals.

Currently, the best way to have this information is through the Internet, where you will find from free sites to specialized sites to give you that information minute by minute. And it is exactly that, the trend that should interest you, that is to say as those numbers or curve minute to minute and if possible a small analysis to the last 25 or 30 minutes.

If the market in which you are working is very volatile (and, therefore, riskier), you should take these analyses to seconds if you want a better investment idea.

As I mentioned before, this information can be obtained through the Internet, either free or contracted to a specialized company, in both cases, you will always have only information that will make your intuition make the decision.

Why do I say you this? Let’s see, you have the information of at least 3 companies with those “signals” and none will match, since it will depend on the minute or second that was taken, which if it is going to coincide is the trend, which should be our best option as an indicator.

How do these live forex signals work?

In trading, the signals are based on two types of market analysis. The technical analysis and the fundamental, the technology is based on graphs and for the fundamental one a financial analysis of the fluctuation is necessary, that is its tendency.

If you analyse the information you have from one or the other provider, the signals plus your intuition will give you a better chance of obtaining a winning result. But remember, and I insist, it is your intuition about the analysis that should take control, you have to have a cold mind.

How can you use live forex signals?

Each provider of this type of information will try to give you the best information they create, from their point of view and since most offer free plans it is a good idea to start with some there and see which is best suited to your way to interpret that information.

This is highly recommended since you can do an exercise for at least a couple of weeks without investing anything but keeping track of what you think will happen, and as your intuition adapts (graphics or texts) to the information received You will see if the results with one or the other provider are better or not.

Each person has their own way of interpreting things and that is why I recommend this to you, since you have to learn to study their graphs and indicators, such as the levels of support or resistance, as well as the so-called pivot points, information that will help you to deduce if the values of the currency pair that follow will go up or down in the short or medium term.

There are different types of graphs to show these live forex signals, for example:

live forex signals with fxmac


And each provider will use, as I said before, a format (text or graphic) that they think is the best way for you to interpret those signals.


First of all, do not forget that the live forex signals are based on the technical analysis of the quotes, so it is recommended in parallel you perform a fundamental analysis using an economic calendar that you can also find on the internet.

The previous thing that I indicate to you are not more than tools that you can and must use so that it is your mind and intuition that gives the final touch to your investment based on that information and signals.

The tools, the information, and the signals are not more than data that your mind must process and in the measure that you find a duality between them and your mind it will be your intuition that will lead you to success, but it is a task that little by little you will achieve and you can do it if you intend to do it.

Now, you have more information about live forex signals. But is difficult to have time to know which of them are the best ones to trust. Moreover, always is better to have human knowledge and experience behind.

That’s why we give you the possibility to invest in forex through a management of one of our trades.

Our company has specialized in Intraday Trading programs in order to offer minimum risk to investors. We have many programs which you can use to take the maximum profit of your inversions.

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