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FxMAC offers several different Forex Programs for trading in order the investors can diversify as much a possible their investments.

The Forex programs offered in our website are all of them for Forex investors that want the trading programs as Forex managed accounts.

Our Company has specialized in Intraday Trading Programs in order to offer low minimum DD risk to investors. Our professional Asset Managers apply an SL (Stop Loss) and a TP (Take Profit) to each single position open in our Forex programs. One of the main goals of our Forex programs is to have low DD that is balanced with the average monthly profit. We preserve the invested funds of our clients, and also consolidate the steady monthly profits

Investment program 1

Investment Program 1 is a Trending strategy based on Candlestick Patterns, Moving Average and Fibonacci Levels (no grids, no martingale). This program has a goal for actual ‘version x2’ of 300% of annual profit and for the regular version (x1) is of 150% of annual profit.

For investors that look for higher profits in shorter time with a still a correct moderate risk, can have the more profitable ‘version x2’ . Note that investing in the ‘version x2’ will give you double of annual profits and it’ll afford also double risk than regular ‘version x1’. Ask for it.

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Name investment strategy: Capital Growth

​Cumulative profits: 124%

​​Average monthly profits (x2):  21.22%

Average monthly profits (x1):  10.61%

Inception date: July 2019

Investment strategy: Intraday

Brokerage: Vantagefx, IC Markets and Fusion Markets (Australia)

USA citizens allowed: Yes

Broker for USA citizens (with 1:1000): Click here to know more

Asset class: Majors

Platform: MT4

Minimum investment: $5,000 (actual risk) // $3,000 (risk x2)

Performance Fee (risk x1):  35% (5k+) // 30% (25k+) // 25% (100k+)

Performance Fee (risk x2):  35% (3k+) // 30% (15k+) // 25% (50k+)

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Investment program 2

Investment Program 2 is a night trading intraday strategy. It has around 78% of positive trades. It has a 260% of annual profit goal.

This profitable investment program is built upon a complex neural network model that allows it to adapt to changes in the market. This worthwhile Investment Program keeps safe risk ratios, and continually profit and grow. Ask for it.

Prosperity investment program 2 fxmac forex managed accounts
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Name investment strategy: Prosperity

​Cumulative profits: 2,013%

​​Average monthly profits:  11.18%

​​Inception date: January 2019

Investment strategy: Intraday

Brokerage: Fusion Markets and IC Markets (Australia)

USA citizens allowed: No

Asset class: Majors

Platform: MT4

Minimum investment: $5,000

Performance Fee (risk x1):  35% (5k+) // 30% (25k+) // 25% (100k+)

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Investment program 3

Investment Program 3 is a trend-following strategy. This profitable investment strategy has achieved more than 80% positive trades. This investment strategy has the great characteristic of having the ability to obtain annual profits with a fairly low and stable Draw Down. It is an extraordinarily safe and consistent profit trading program.

This consistent and conservative trading strategy achieves more than 100% of annual profits in version x2. It has a large “profit factor” greater than 1.6. Ask for it.

Safe step investment program 3 fxmac forex managed accounts
More information

Name investment strategy: Safe Step

​Cumulative profits: 240%​​

​​Average monthly profits (x2):  8.36%

Average monthly profits (x1):  4.18%

Inception date: December 2018

Investment strategy: Intraday-Trend

Brokerage: Fusion Markets, IC Markets, Vantagefx

USA citizens allowed: No

Asset class: Majors

Platform: MT4

Minimum investment: $5,000 (actual risk) // $3,000 (risk x2)

Performance Fee (risk x1):  35% (5k+) // 30% (25k+) // 25% (100k+)

Performance Fee(risk x2):  35% (3k+) // 30% (15k+) // 25% (50k+)

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Bespoke Program High Aggressive

Bespoke investment programs are complex combination of non-correlative mostly intraday programs that provides impressive performance efficiency. Those great stable strategies have a profitability of around 70%-75% of positive trades. Those kind of trading programs continually adapts to changes in the Forex market. The more aggressive bespoke programs have around 40% of average monthly gross profit.

They are designed differently for each investor that are looking for substantial and consistent monthly earnings most of the months. The risk assumed is similar to the average monthly earnings due to the non-correlative combination of trading programs, avoiding a long draw-down period. Ask for it

Bespoke program high aggressive investment program 4 fxmac forex managed accounts
More information

Name investment strategy: Bespoke Program High Aggressive version

​Cumulative profits: 625%​​

Average monthly profits:  39.73%

Inception date: December 2020

Investment strategy: Intraday-Trend mix

Brokerage: Fusion Markets, IC Markets

USA citizens allowed: yes

Asset class: Majors

Platform: MT4

Minimum investment: $15,000

Performance Fee:  35% (15k+) // 30% (25k+) // 25% (100k+)

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FxMAC supplies the best Forex programs for investors of all over the world (Australia, Russia, Singapore, USA, Europe, South Africa, UK, etc). All our Forex programs have long term performance proven histories verified by third parties like Myfxbook and Fxstat.

All our intraday Forex programs are conservative for investors that want to invest their savings with peace of mind in a steady monthly positive basis.

Get in contact with our consultants and inform us how much funds you want to invest and what’s your trading programs goal. We will give you the best advice about which of our Forex program fits better for you.

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