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FxMAC gives a consultant service in order you get in contact with the best and more secure Forex Program for you.

Our consultant service Company has specialized in choosing only Intraday Trading Programs in order investors can choose low minimum DD programs.

Investment program 1

Investment Program 1 is great and profitable trading program. All the trades have a dynamic Take profit and a trailing Stop Loss. It has a annual profit goal of 750%. Most of the positions are held for few hours and exceptionally for few days.

This trading strategy opens trades all day long. It has around 78% of positive trades. You may have the option to divide the maximum risk and average monthly profit at half of the actual risk and profit. In other words, you can decrease the DD at half and still getting a 350% of annual goal. Ask for it

More information

Name investment strategy: Steel

​Cumulative profits: 655%

​​Average monthly profits:  28.02%

Investment strategy: Mix of intraday and fast swing strategies

Brokerage: Fusion Markets and IC Markers (both Australian)

USA citizens allowed: Yes. Broker 1:300 of leverage.  Click here to know more

Asset class: Majors

Platform: MT4

Minimum investment allowed: $40.000

Performance Fee (from $20,000 to $60,000): 30%

Performance Fee (from $60,000 to $100,000): 25%

Performance Fee (from $100,000 onwards): 20%

Invest less than $40,000: Testing the program. Maximum 2 months. Minimum $20,000 for the test.

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FxMAC selects the traders with the best Forex program for investors of all over the world (Australia, Russia, Singapore, USA, Europe, South Africa, UK, etc). All our selections have a performance proven histories verified by third parties like Myfxbook.