We want to reward those investors who bring friends for investing in our Forex trading programs.

If you want lower performance fee commissions applied in your FxMAC’s investments from the regular 35% in order to decrease a maximum of 5% in total, then you are invited to recommend our Forex trading steady strategies to your friends or family members.

Be aware that the reward will be a discount over your actual investment. We do not pay rebates or commissions for the referred clients.

How it works?


The investment of the referred friend has to be at least of 50k


The current sum of your own total investment in our programs has to reach at least 50k


For each referred friend that reach those 50k you will get a discount of 2.5%. It means that you get a discount only for your first 2 referred friends


If you bring only one referred friend whom investment reach 100k then you’ll get the maximum discount of 5%


The decrease will apply to all the broker’s accounts of the client that reach the minimum investment of 50k


We don’t give discounts for referred investors in System 1

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