What’s FxMAC?

What’s FxMAC?

FxMAC is a website based company that connects retail and institutional investors with the widest online offer of Forex Asset Manager groups with the highest level of proven steady performances.

Why do I need to have my funds managed by Asset Managers?

99% of the investors that try to manage their funds by themselves lose 100% of their funds sooner or later.The Forex Asset Managers are professionals that are experts in having, in the Forex accounts managed, steady profits in the long term with a lower risk, managing big sum of funds for the investors.


Why do you offer so many Forex trading programs?

FxMAC recommends to its clients to diversify their Forex investments as much as possible.FxMAC offers several different intraday Forex trading programs in order to take advantage of multiple market conditions as News, Gold, breakouts


Why are you specialized in Intraday trading programs?

From our experience Martingale, Grid and Swing strategies will lose a big part or even the whole of the funds in a short or long term.All our strategies have fixed Stop Loss and Take Profit, to avoid having the negative floating orders grow until they reach the Margin call.


Are you available for phone call, face to face meetings with clients?

Yes, we offer that as an extra Premium Service to clients that already have investments exceeding $300K.


Why do you work exclusively with conservative strategies?

There are already other websites that offer aggressive Forex trading with high risk (=High DrowDown) but these are risky strategies that don’t last for long time without losing all the profits reached, plus, Martingale, Grid and most Swing Strategies will even lose all the funds invested.

FxMAC has as main objective to control the maximum risk (maximum DrawDown) and then getting the maximum profits with a low controlled risk.


Do you have strategies for Institutional investors?

Yes, most of our strategies are for institutional investors.


Do you have strategies for retail investors?

Yes, all our strategies are available for retail clients some of our systems can be started with only $5,000 of minimum investment.


How can I start investing with any of your strategies?

Click the INVEST NOW button in our website and our Clients Department will give you support for getting your funds managed by your chosen trading programs.


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