Reliable websites of Forex Managed Accounts Services

FxMAC, recommends trusting only the websites of Forex managed accounts services that show trading history verified by third parties as MYFXBOOK or FXSTAT.

 Avoid websites that Only show results in PDF, or graphics done by themselves, or even simple MT4 statements, since it could be just a DEMO ACCOUNT, and in that case, you will not be able to verify the maximum DD.

You can enjoy great profits with Forex market, however always remember, that it is a risky market.

So, avoid trading on your own. Better choose Forex managed accounts services by professional conservative Asset Managers.

 Invest maximum 60% of your savings. Avoid investing 100%, of your savings.

We recommend diversifying as much as possible, in different conservative Forex trading programs,

Trust only websites, with results verified by MYFXBOOK or FXSTAT.

Pay attention to, the maximum DrowDown shown by MYFXBOOK or FXSTAT.

Compare the average monthly profits against the DrawDown.

Look for an equilibrium between the maximum DrowDown and the average monthly profit.

Avoid strategies where the maximum DrawDown exceeds three times the average monthly profit.

Only trust, the DrowDown from real accounts who are at least 1 year old their performances are verified by MYFXBOOK or FXSTAT.

The older the performance history the more reliable the DrawDown.

Diversify as much as possible, because even a good steady strategy, can have a month with low profits, or it could even have small losses.

Diversification can help to absorb any potential small losses combining the profits of different accounts,

Check periodically that the performance of your accounts, matches with the performance of the FXSTAT or MYFXBOOK master account, shown in the Forex managed accounts website of the Forex Asset Managers.


Following those recommendations will give you:

Peace of mind, and steady safe profits, in this great profitable Forex market.


FxMAC Forex Managed Accounts Services


Forex managed accountsReliable websites of Forex Managed Accounts Services

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