How to invest in FxMAC Forex Managed Accounts

How to invest in FxMAC Forex Managed Accounts

Choose from all our Forex managed accounts strategies which forex trading programs are better for you and in case of doubt please contact our Client’s Department for advice.

Then, communicate to our Clients Department which forex trading program, you want to invest in and how much funds you want to invest in each trading strategy.

You will be sent the correspondent application links to join the brokes MAM master account for your chosen strategies. Once you receive the account number and passwords from the brokers:
Please forward them to FxMAC, you will also receive a specific LPOA for each chosen Forex trading program.

Once you have sent the LPOA to us, then you can start the funding of your account. Our Clients Department will notify you when your Forex managed account is fully configured and they will send you a FXSTAT link.

So, you will be able to check your Forex managed account online, from any device.


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Forex managed accountsHow to invest in FxMAC Forex Managed Accounts

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