Forex trading program 5

This great long term INTRADAY INSTITUTIONAL FUND strategy is managing more than 9 million and the goal is to reach 10 million in the short run.

It works only with XAUUSD (Gold)

This intraday strategy has a 74.08% of positive trades and a profit factor of 1.95%. This intraday fund decreased considerable the risk in January 2016 (5-6 times less of risk than before). So, the average DD from that time is of around only 1.5%-1.8%.

By incorporating this effective trading model among our Asset Management services allows to the Asset Managers to take as the main objective a consistent increase of client’s capital with minimum possible trading risks.

The optimum client’s profile for this great institutional strategy are: Private Banks, funds, insurance organizations, several public persons and big private investors.


  • Capital Guard: 20% (Capital Protected 80%)
  • Broker: Managed in exclusively in the MAM we have in the ECN regulated broker APOLLOFX.
  • Performance Fee commission: 25%. This forex trading program could have a decrease of PF with investments from 1 million onwards.
  • What’s a Capital Guard? When the account reaches the % of negative floating orders then all the open orders are closed automatically and the account is not reactivated until the client confirm that want to reactivate the trading in his account.

Minimum Investment: $500,000

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