Forex investment program 5

Forex Investment Program 5: This Fractal One position Forex Trading Program opens each new position based on the fractal technical indicator, that makes that only opens around 8-10 positions per month with a very accurate results.


The strategy trades only USDJPY.


It’s a conservative Fractal turnover strategy that opens only 1 position at a time.


All the positions have a limit of 50 pips of SL and 50 of TP and the positions are closed only because the TP or the SL are reached.


If a position is closed by SL, then the strategy doubles the lot size of the next position with a limit of maximum 3 consecutive times (until the position 4th). Note that, so far, the strategy has never lost the 4th position due the correct effectiveness configuration of the fractal indicator.


In the hypothetical case of the worst scenario, if the strategy would have lost the 4th position, then the strategy would get a maximum DD of only 10% in total (This 10% is the sum of the 4 consecutive positions of losses).


According with the history and the expectations of the Asset Managers, the potential to lose the 4th position is less than one at year. Making this winner strategy a very profitable strategy every year.


Plus, the strategy has configured an extra Hard Stop Loss (= Capital Guard) at 20% of the balance. Meaning that 80% of the cumulative balance is safe.




Never confuse the fact of doubling the position 3 times with a martingale or a grid. It has nothing to do with them. The only coincidence of our intraday strategy with those 2-other kind of strategies, It’s that our intraday strategy doubles the positions (but only 3 limited times). The rest it’s completely based on a completely different strategy and the way to work from the beginning to the end.


Only to clarify the idea about what is the Martingale and grids based on. Those 2 risky strategies (martingale and grid) aren’t intraday at all. They don’t use any indicator. They both are based in the statistics of the maximum pips that historically a pair of the Forex market can go to the same direction (buy and sell direction). Plus, those 2 kinds of risky strategies don’t have any Stop Loss. They only fix a TP. They both only close the positions when the price reaches the TP (which it could make a considerable profit) or when it reaches the margin call (which it burns the account completely). Also, those 2 strategies open new consecutive positions, each one bigger than the previous one, without any defined strategy. They both are only based on opening continuously new positions against the market direction every time the market moves some specific number of pips until the market turns over the direction enough pips for reaching the TP or until the account is blown up due it reaches the margin call. The limit of the number of positions is unlimited. The only limit of the number of positions of the rang is either reaching the margin call or reaching the TP.


Usually those 2 risky strategies have a DD among 300% or 400% bigger than the average monthly profit. It’s a very big proportional risk. And by other side, what’s typical in those 2 risky strategies is that usually it has perennial negative floating open orders, going back and forth, several weeks or sometimes several months.


As you can see those 2 risky strategies (martingale and grid) has nothing to do in how our intraday strategy works and what our intraday strategy is based on, and the low DD that our intraday strategy has.


So, note that our intraday strategy has the next differences: It never opens more than one position. Every position has a Stop Loss fixed. It has a limit of 3 doubling positions (opens maximum 4 consecutive lost positions). It never gets floating negative orders for weeks or months. It’s intraday. The 80% of the balance (of the investment, plus the cumulative net profits) is completely protected due the Hard Stop Loos (=Capital Guard). The DD of our intraday strategy is, so far, smaller than the average monthly profit. Which it means that the risk is below the average monthly profit.


This strategy can be several days without opening positions. It opens an average of 8-10 positions per month.



  • Capital Guard: 20% (Capital Protected 80%)
  • Broker: Managed in exclusively in the MAM we have in the ECN regulated broker IC MARKETS.
  • Performance Fee commission: 35%. This forex trading program could have a decrease of PF with investments from 100K onwards.
  • What’s a Capital Guard? When the account reaches the % of negative floating orders then all the open orders are closed automatically and the account is not reactivated until the client confirm that want to reactivate the trading in his account.

Minimum Investment: $5,000

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