Forex investment program 3

Forex Investment Program 3: This great steady INTRADAY HIGH PROFITS, LOW RISK strategy holds the open positions only for few hours, reducing like this the exposition in the Forex Market.

This Intraday strategy trades majors as EURUSD, EURAUD, USDCFH, EURGBP, GBPAUD, etc.

The expected annual profit compounded of this long-term perfect institutional strategy is of 200% of the investment.

It opens maximum 5 positions simultaneously in several pairs, in order to keep the minimum risk.

The positions are opened accordingly to a developed algorithm which gives the most reliable profitable trades.

The trades are regularly closed by signal or by the Stop Loss or Take Profit.

All the opened positions have a Stop and a Take Profit.

Every single trade is controlled by the Asset Managers team.

By incorporating this effective trading model among our Funds Management services allows to the Asset Managers to take as the main objective a consistent increase of client’s capital with minimum possible trading risks.

This profitable intraday strategy have gotten sometimes among 25% and a 40% of monthly profits.


  • Maximum potential DD: 20%
  • Broker: VANTAGEFX (Australia)
  • Performance Fee commission: 35%. This investment program could have a decrease of PF for investments from 100K onwards.


Minimum Investment: $5,000

Forex managed accountsForex investment program 3 – Forex Managed Accounts Service