Forex trading program 3

This great steady PRECISE PROFITABLE INTRADAY strategy has a balance among the average monthly profit and the maximum DD.

This strategy is based on statistics analysis of market volatility and price distribution.

Pending orders BUYSTOP and SELLSTOP are placed on the high and low bounds of the horizontal price channel beforehand according to the trading algorithm.

All pending orders have a hard SL to control size of possible losses. The level of SL is calculated individually for each order based on statistics information for the last several weeks only. It is required for choosing the actual value to hit the current ‘market stream’ but not the historical one which was several years ago. In the other words this is an optimization on-flight.

When a price hits pending orders they are activated and positions are open. Exit from the profit position is being calculating the optimal exit level using the same statistics algorithm like for a SL level.

Non-profitable positions are being closed by themselves when a price reaches a hard SL. The strategy is using independent from history risk for each position.

This strategy opens only 1 or 2 positions per month. It’s very precise profitable intraday strategy that has few losses months, much smaller than the profits months.

All the positions has a SL and a TP. The Profit Factor is very high: 5.75. Around the 95% of the positions reach the TP or the SL in INTRADAY.



  • Capital Guard: 20% (Capital Protected 80%)
  • Broker: Managed in exclusively in the MAMs we have in the ECN regulated broker ICMARKETS.
  • Performance Fee commission: 35%.This forex trading program could have a decrease of PF with investments from 100k onwards.
  • What’s a Capital Guard? When the account reaches the % of negative floating orders then all the open orders are closed automatically and the account is not reactivated until the client confirm that want to reactivate the trading in his account.

Minimum Invest: $5,000

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