Moving average and candlestick patterns

Moving average and candlestick patterns – Lesson 11

The moving average and candlestick patterns are of great importance and it is not that I speak of the triple crossing of death or very violent moving averages. I’m talking about the long-term averages that are what use the managers to follow a continuous trend. The theory of the moving average is very simple and since

Chartist patterns

Chartist patterns – Lesson 10

One of the keys to operate in the stock market are the figures that appear in the graph and that are repeated over time, the Charist Patterns. When you have spent many hours in front of the graph everything starts to make more sense and becomes the eye of the operator in avid discoverer of

Classification of trends, supports and resistances

Classification of trends, supports and resistances – Lesson 9

This issue, although most of the novice operators are jumping for being too evident is the fundamental pillar to be able to do intraday and swing or trade to medium term. On this lesson we are going to learn the classification of trends, supports and resistances. We have to differentiate the long-term trend in which

What are the best currency pairs to trade in Forex

What are the best currency pairs to trade in Forex?

Forex is a market that stays opens to facilitate uninterrupted currency trading, and has the largest volume of the world’s business with people participating from all countries of the world every day. Also, Forex is the premier financial market which reflects the financial dynamics of world trade, and all the trade is a trade-off between

Basis on which the technical analysis is based

Basis on which the technical analysis is based – Dow theory – Lesson 8

In this section we will review traditional techniques and some modern ones on the analysis of the price and of certain assets. It is not a manual of technical analysis but of a particular vision among many others. In the price, any foreseeable situation that could affect it is discounted. The Prices are moved by

Trading and reading as a part of our path

Trading and Reading as part of our path – Lesson 7

Continuous training in currency trading and often, is almost mandatory. This formation must be performed because the market every day mutates faster. The market is based in pure efficiency and we are the traders who are looking for the tickles to go taking pips day by day. There are various currency publications, where are published the news of

Absolute respect for trading rules

Absolute respect for your trading rules – Lesson 6

The rules that each one applies to trading are personal and almost non-transferable due to that every person is a world. Yes, I’ve met people who, with other people’s techniques from the first day they get results, but it is not common. Curiosity in the trading world is the engine that leads to creating new

Create your own trading journal

Create your own trading journal – Lesson 5

Every operator must have a trading journal in which he can see reflected his operational day by day, is based on maintaining a comprehensive control over the goals to get and the means that this entails. It is not enough to do mental calculations or point one day if another not. If we want to

Trading Demo Accounts, Truths and Lies

Trading Demo Accounts, Truths and Lies – Lesson 4

There are many theories about the time that should be practice in demo and one of them could be to win consistently applying a good defined technique. Every business has its beginning and in trading the beginning is the practice with an account Demo, all Brokers have a demo account to practice and to get