Let your investments be fully safe signing the Forex account management agreement – LPOA agreement (Limited Power of Attorney).

This 3-party form (broker, Forex investment company, you) let us to only trade your account. This is the only transaction we can carry on your name. We can’t perform any other arrangement like deposits, withdrawals, etc. Only you will be able do those kind of transactions.

You can stop the trading at any moment signing the revocation form, but we are sure you won’t sign it once you start to get consistent profits with our account management.

What is the Forex account management agreement?

The LPOA or Limited Power of Attorney is a 3 party agreement among the investor, the asset managers and the broker, which control, designs and executes what’s is written and signed in the document.

Every regulated broker has their own specific rules for its Forex account management agreement, depending on the financial regulations of each country.

The common rule for all the Forex account management agreements

The common rule for all the regulated brokers is that the client allows the Asset Managers to trade the client’s account in his behalf and allows the broker to pay a monthly percentage fee calculated over the high-water mark profits of the last month that the client’s account has had profits.

It’s very important to understand that the Forex account management agreement never allows the asset managers to fund or withdraw funds from the client’s account.

The international anti money laundering laws only allow the client to make any funding and withdrawal to their broker’s account and it can be only accepted if the holder of the broker’s account and the holder of the bank account is exactly the same.

The asset managers won’t get any fee in the case of a loosing month in the client’s account and they won’t be able to be paid and fee again until the last loses are completely recovered.

Our professional asset managers company accomplish all the requirement to work with the best regulated brokers as IC Markets, Vantagefx, Synergyfx, etc.

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