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FOREX (Foreign Exchange market) It’s the international foreign exchange market, where money is sold and bought freely. It’s the biggest and more liquid market in the world. According to various assessments, money masses in the market constitute from 1 to 2.5 trillion US dollars a day. In its present condition FOREX was launched in the 1970s, when free exchange rates were introduced, and only the participants of the market determine the price of one currency against the other proceeding from supply and demand. As far as the freedom from any external control and free competition are concerned, FOREX is a perfect market. Transactions are conducted all over the world via telecommunications 24 hours a day from 00:00 am GMT on Monday to 10:00 pm GMT on Friday. Practically in every time zone (that is, in Frankfurt-on-Main, London, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, etc.)
It’s an account in a Forex Broker owned by you where a Asset managers team open and close positions with a specific strategy. You are the holder of the account and the only person that can order to fund or to withdraw money from it.
You’re free to do whatever you believe is convenient for you. But you have to be aware that one of the more interesting thing of the Forex market is the compounding interest. It can give you more than 30% extra at year. If you withdraw your nets profits every month you skip this marvelous financial possibility.
Our trading systems are mixed manual and automatic. We don’t believe in 100% automatic systems. The markets changes and develop often and the 100% automatic systems work just for a limited period of time. We are 24 hours a day, 5 days a week controlling our screens and adapting constantly our trading strategies to the market changes.
Yes, we work with some ECN/DMA brokers that their regulation allows to accept American citizen. If you are an USA citizen or an USA corporation, kindly get in contact with our clients department and they will inform you about the fastest steps to follow. Click to CONTACT button and kindly fill up the fields and our Client's Department will get in contact with you ASAP.
Myfxbook and Fxstat are online automated verifiers and analytical tools for Forex trading accounts. It's a free service for Forex traders enabling to analyze the Forex trading accounts, show the trades, publish the statement, audit results and review Forex brokers.
You have different ways to control your Forex managed account in anytime you want. You have the MT4 tool that give you every ECN Broker, you have Fxstat links that we provide to each client, you have the emails that the broker sends you with the daily and the monthly reports. Some brokers as SFX MARKETS also gives you a private tool to controll all the accounts in order you have a over look of all the accounts you have with them, etc.
We only show the Myfxbook link of the trading systems that the asset managers in charge of each different trading system gives the permission to use it and show it. Some of our money managers want to show only Fxstat. We’ll only give the Myfxbook link that already are showed in our website. The rest will be Fxstat links.
This very private information won't be ever given to any retail or institutional client. The password are one of the most well kept information in our company. Everyone can follow, as long as they want, our Fxstat or Myfxbook online verified master accounts that are published in our website.
We are specialist in INTRADAY Forex strategies. Our money manager’s team never risk more than a conservative percentage of your account. Plus, all our trading system has an automatic Capital Guard assigned.
You can do it whenever you want to. You only have to get in contact with the broker where you have your accounts and they’ll help you. Or if you prefer you can get in contact with our FxMAC's Clients Department and we’d inform you how to proceed.
Definitely yes. You just need to give a direct order to the broker and you can make as many partial withdrawals as you need. You can also completely withdraw all your investment in your personal Forex managed account. You don’t even need to say anything to us, but we appreciate you inform us before doing it, in order we can advise you what’s the best way to do it and like this it helps us to controll better our business.
No, definitely impossible. You are the only one that can order this and plus, you must be the bank account’s holders or the credit card’s holder due international Forex regulations of the ECN brokers. Otherwise, the ECN brokers won’t let you withdraw your funds. In other words, you may win or even lose some money in a controlled and conservative way, but nobody can take your money away from you. So, our company never have access to your funds. We don’t accept direct money from the clients.
It’s the form that the ECN/DMA broker needs signed by you in order you give to them the approval for us being managing your account and to pay us our Performance Fee commission directly from and controlled by the broker our Forex trading commissions.
The high water mark ensures that a Forex fund managers does not get paid in the case the account don’t get profits. So if the manager loses money over a period, he must get the fund above the high water mark before receiving a performance again.
The Capital Guard is the maximum loss that your account can assume. The asset managers in charge of each independent trading strategy fix it and you can find each specific Capital Guard for each trading system clicking to 'MORE INFORMATION (MYFXBOOK/FXSTAT)' button in our website, beside each trading system.
Drawdown is the maximum consecutive losses that an account has had in its history.
It’s a broker that their trades go directly to the real market. The opposed is a Market Maker Broker. The difference is that an ECN/DMA broker always get profit even if the traders loose or win. But the Market makers only win if you lose. The Market Maker broker don’t go to the real market they create a parallel market and if all their clients win the Market maker broker would get in ruin. An ECN/DMA broker is stable and secure. Market maker brokers give not the best trading services and are risky to have your money invested with them. We only work with the best Forex ECN/DMA brokers in the market.
Our money managers has select the best professional brokers, in order to have the best results for you and your funds safe. All our Institutional and retail clients are in the same broker’s MAM. We need at least a starting investment of $100,000 in order to consider another broker and before accepting finally the broker, we need to check if their trading conditions and spreads are compatible with our managing professional needs.
Yes, just be aware that it’s needed a new account with no previous operations in it. Also you’ll need to sign a LPOA form that authorize us to manage this new Forex account. And we need to check which is the trading system you chose due some systems are manage in one broker and not managed in other of our recommended brokers.
Yes, as you can see in the technical description of each system you can have a decrease of 5% if your investment, in each specific system, reaches a $150k.For much bigger investments (as 500k+) we can start to negotiate a smaller PF. Be aware that System 1 has a maximum possible decrease of 5%. It means that a client with 1 million of investment will be able to have only the same 5%, as a client of 150k, due it’s the maximum that the money managers of System 1 are willing to decrease.
It’s a promotion that we have for our satisfied clients that bring their friends or family member to invest in our strategies. Then we'll make a discount on our Performance fee commission applied to the client that recommend us.
We are interested in collaborating only with partners that are able to bring investors in our recommended brokers that we already work with.We start to share PF commissions with the institutional partners that the sum of the investment of their clients reach 100k on wards.
Yes, you’re welcome to demonstrate transparently the Forex trading INTRADAY strategy you have with at least 12 months of history, the profit you get every month, the risks you assume in order to gets the profits and send us the Myfxbook of the account completely opened. If you don’t have a Myfxbook yet, then register in their website and send it to us. In order our Risk Department checks whether your Forex trading strategy matches with the stability, steadiness and low risk we want to offer to our clients.
We don’t give this kind of information to our investors. We only know how to make your funds grow. We only are experts in Forex trading intraday strategies. We recommend you to find a good international tax specialist in your area and ask them about taxes.
Australia investors can have Forex managed account Services in Australia brokers or outside of Australia brokers. Professional Asset Managers know that the best brokers regulations are from Switzerland, Australia, UK, Europe and USA. Investors from all over the world as from South Africa, Singapore, Australia, UK, Switzerland, USA, etc know about what are the best most secure Top 10 reliable regulations for their funds. Many Australia investors love to have some of our best Top 10 reliable Forex Management Service in Australia brokers. We are pleased to communicate to Australia investors that the Australia brokers are available for Forex managed funds. Some of our Managed Forex Accounts Low Minimum risk must be in brokers outside of Australia. Though we have some of our Best Forex Account Managers having their Best Performing Forex Managed Accounts in Australia brokers.
UK investors can also have one of our Forex Managed Account strategies in several UK brokers. UK investors need to know that UK Brokers have one of the best and more reliable regulations, but most of the UK brokers have not the best Forex trading conditions. In other words, UK investors know very well that sometimes in order to have some Intraday forex strategies they must have brokers from outside of UK, as brokers from Australia, Brokers from Switzerland or from Europe. Anyway, UK investors do have the possibility to have one of our best Top 10 reliable Forex managed account strategy in several UK brokers. By other hand, the rest of our Forex managed accounts low minimum risk must be managed in brokers outside of UK as brokers from Australia and Europe. We have also some Switzerland brokers from one of our Forex managed account strategies.
USA investors are allowed to invest in several of our Best Top 10 reliable Forex Managed Accounts Strategies. Brokers from USA have too many Forex trading restrictions. So, USA brokers aren’t the best option for our Intraday Forex Managed Account Services for USA investors. The good news is that USA investors do have the possibility to have intraday managed accounts low minimum risk in brokers outside of USA. Some of our best reliable Forex accounts managers have chosen some brokers from outside of USA for investors from USA that want them to manage their funds.
Switzerland investors can invest in some Switzerland brokers in one of our strategies and also in brokers from outside of Switzerland Professional Forex traders know very well that the best brokers regulations are from UK, Switzerland, Australia, USA, and Europe. Retail and institutional investors from all over the world as, for example, from Singapore, South Africa , Australia, Switzerland ,UK, USA, etc know very well what are the best most secure Top 10 reliable regulations for their funds. So, Switzerland investors know that sometimes for having some Intraday forex strategies they need to have brokers from outside of Switzerland, as brokers from Europe, Brokers from Australia or from UK. In resume, Switzerland investors have the possibility to have one of our best Top 10 reliable Forex managed account strategy in some Switzerland brokers.
Singapore investors are very well informed about Forex Managed Accounts Reviews. The investors from Singapore are open to work in the best Top 10 reliable brokers that are outside from Singapore as brokers from Australia, brokers from UK, Brokers from Europe or from Switzerland. They do know that those brokers are offering the best trading conditions for having managed Forex accounts low minimum risk.
FxMAC does offer Forex Managed Accounts Reviews in order the investors have a wider idea and better knowledge about investing in Forex. This kind of Forex managed accounts reviews clarify to any Forex investors how choosing the best managed Forex account services. There are several kinds of Forex managed accounts reviews. Some of them are reviews about some tips of how is the Forex market developing in the last months, other of them are reviews about the best way for funding reliable forex managed account services, also, some of them are reviews about Forex websites that show Forex strategies without a single Myfxbook or Fxstat verifier (those are 2 of the more professionals and popular Forex Performance verifiers and reviewers companies), also there are reviews about tips of how to finish with the service of a Forex company that offer managed fund services and they aren’t really having profits for so many months, also reviews about how is the account management services of managed accounts companies that are used by the investors from Australia, USA, UK, Singapore, Europe, Switzerland, South Africa, etc. The question that many new investors have is that how can a they distinguish among a reliable managed account review websites and any possible fake Forex managed accounts reviews websites? Regularly you can see that several forex managed accounts review websites have the same kind of style, and it’s very sensational. Our company recommends looking for the most popular reliable Top 10 best Forex managed accounts reviews as ForexPeaceArmy, ForexFactory, ForexFraud, etc, Be prudent choosing who you want to manage your funds. Look at several Forex managed accounts review websites and discern that what you are reading is not the competence that is giving bad reviews without any prove of it. The best way to identify whether it’s the competence who is giving the review, it’s due no one else would give this kind of bad reviews in the same place. Usually the best professional Top 10 Forex Managed Accounts companies do have some few bad reviews of some few people of the competence. The genuine reviews about some not good service of Forex Managed accounts services of some companies will come from many, many Forex investors. Then be careful about investing with them. FxMAC recommends starting always with the minimum investment allowed, at least at the first month, until the investors check that what it’s announced in the websites of the Forex managed accounts company it’s what proportionally happens in their accounts.

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