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Our company is interested only in Asset Managers that have steady intraday Forex strategies of real accounts with at least one year old and that they can provide us an account’s link verified by MYFXBOOK or FXSTAT.

The account sent needs to show as a ‘Verified Real Account’ on MYFXBOOK or FXSTAT to check if the strategy has the quality that our Risk Department demands.

FXMAC’s website is always in the first page in Google browser. When anybody all over the world, from any country, looks for Forex Managed Accounts in Google. They’ll find our great reliable steady Forex Trading Programs website.

If your Forex intraday strategy would have the level of low risk and steady profits, that our managers want for our clients, then your Forex trading strategy will be offered to many clients (retail and institutional) due it can be showed in the first positions in Google browser.

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